Thursday March 10rd - 2005 17:00PM CT (23:00PM GMT)

The moment has arrived that Just-Gamers and the Bloodaxe Realm NWN Server will part ways. The Gameserver uses so much CPU that it interferres with Just-Gamers regular business. Of course we are sad to say goodbye because we had a pleasant relationship with Just-Gamers and we would like to thank them for the opportunity they gave us. We've been through some highs and some lows and all the while Just-Gamers supported us. But as said now it's time to part ways. We've modified the Testserver so it's now running as the main thing. We're working on getting all the data installed too and if that succeeds we can continue where we left of, if not we have to start over again, in that case we'll think of something to compensate you a bit. The new server can be found under PWStory with Gamespy or direct connect to
-The Bloodaxe Staff

Tuesday September 21st - 2004 1:00PM CT (7:00PM GMT)

The 3rd Age is Live!

The 2nd Age has ended, the records of its demise still being collected and examined. You've arrived in a desolate Oasis on the fringe of a hostile desert. Hungry, thirsty and carrying only what your frail and damaged body could muster, you thank whatever gods you believe in that you've found some semblance of safety at last. So many lost, so much in such a short moment. Are the terrifying visions that have haunted you the past days as you traveled the desert memories of what happened or is it a sign of your fading sanity?

Only time will tell refugee. Your home in ruin, your friends scattered and the life you once knew destroyed, you face your darkest hour at the hands of a foreign and dangerous new land, your new home.

Welcome all to the 3rd Age of what was once known as the Bloodaxe Realms...

-The Bloodaxe Staff

Sunday July 23rd - 2004 1:00PM CT (7:00PM GMT)

The moment has arrived that the 3rd Age is opened for public open beta testing. After a period of pre public testing we think it is time to let you, our players, have a first look, help us find the bugs we missed and in general tell us what needs to be improved before we go live. On the following page you can find all relevant links to hakpacks, testserver IP and needed pass.

3rd Age beta information

Please let us know of the bugs you find in our special 3rd Age testing part of the forum.

PS. Don't forget the 2nd Age isn't over yet
-The Bloodaxe Staff

Sunday June 6th - 2004 1:00PM CT (7:00PM GMT)

Staff Changes, Lavanthan Added to DM Crew, 3rd Age

In the past two weeks, many of you have most likely noticed the changes to the staff. Sethendal has stepped down as Director and Head DM for BAR citing both personal reasons and a need to deal with other issues in his life. Sethendal served as BAR's longest running active DM and Head DM, created the overall storyline for the 2nd age and baked a killer meatloaf. Also of note is the retirement of Genixx who left under similar circumstances. Genixx was instrumental in the moving of BAR to it's new server during some hard times for BAR and was key in the fact that BAR is still up and running.

Dagda-Mor has been promoted to the position of Head DM Overall for BAR, with Snellopy as Assistant Head DM and Astonor as Head Euro DM. These 3 DM's have been vital in many areas of BAR and the enjoyment shared by it's players. Their promotions come as no surprise to those that know of their dedication to their positions. On a development note, Raasta has returned as Head Developer for the 3rd Age and beta testing of the new age has begun under his guidance.

The Bloodaxe Realms Staff would also like to welcome Lavanthan to the BAR DM crew. His addition will be a welcomed event for playerbase and staff of BAR. Do your part in welcoming him and aiding him in the learning process of his new position.

On another note, the 3rd age is coming along great. With Raasta back from saving the world from the forces of reality and a crew of incredible testers at our disposal, the 3rd age is progressing at an incredible rate. Through the help of Fargham, Imagine, Laslo and Caersan as well, the 3rd age is turning out to be an exciting new venture for BAR. Look to the forums for the latest updates on release. Release date is still unknown but keep checking back. Testing is at it's highest and a good idea of a realistic release date should be forthcoming in the near future. Thank you once again for your patience.

-The Bloodaxe Staff

Wednesday February 29TH - 2004 9:00AM CT (3:00PM GMT)

We are patched to 1.62 and FULL HoU!

HOU classes are now fully active, as is the NWN 1.62 patch and HOU itself is fully functional on BAR. Thank you for your patience in the matter. Please reports any strange problems in the Bug Report Forum.

Thanks !!!
-The Bloodaxe Staff

Wednesday December 31st - 2003 9:00AM CT (3:00PM GMT)

Server to 1.61 HOU, New DM's added, New Year around the corner and World Peace achieved!!

Well! Quite the gap between news posts I'd say. And in between, so much has been happening. BAR currently went to 1.61 as posted here. BAR also gained TWO new DM's for our European time slot as also posted here. Even more new info on the upcoming 3rd age has been spilt upon the forums and lapped up like expensive wine, as posted here. The 2nd age plot is unfolding as the world seems to sink deeper into tradgedy and mystery. Churches razed and left for ash, Priests murdered in their homes, Banks robbed, the Hero Redokk Bloodaxe cut down in his prime, the fate of Carnn at odds as it is gripped by horrid events and political tension, the forces of Harrad and the legions of Tyr met on the battlefield leaving few survivors and the Order of the Revered Soul forever tarnished, the Tower of High Sorcery transported to Orcallia and once more awakened, the Bloodwolf still at large, the Judicial Council on its knees and amidst it all, the fate of a world hangs in the balance as the dark clouds of terror begin to move about the realm. Need to catch up on the happenings of the land? Go here and catch up on all the latest player posted news and events.

Also of note, I've taken this morning and slightly updated the website's World Overview page and Staff Breakdown. Take a gander if you would and get up to date on BAR. This week I will be adding several new pages with pertinant information that we players desire like some heavenly forged glowing weapon.

Who doesn't like hosting? I love hosting. I love Gigabytes. I love Keira Knightley. And so does Just-Gamers.com. Go there and show them your love for them keeping BAR alive and kicking badgers.


Tuesday October 28th - 2003 9:00AM CT (3:00PM GMT)

Server updated to 1.32!

Talk about ahead of the curve, BAR is finally 1.32. We would like to apologize to our player base for taking so long to get BAR at least to the current patch level. In the development teams original planning, 1.32 was to coincide with a larger than life content update, making 1.32 be BAR's largest content update ever. However, due to some critical bugs with some innovative new "features", it was the decision of the Development staff to patch BAR to 1.32 without the content update for posterity reasons. Now, players seeing BAR on Gamespy will be able to connect and our hopes are that the player numbers will once again start to rise. Milkman, Raasta, Laslo, Bluebeard, Imagine and Genixx are hard at work on the content update which is being tested as we speak. The Development team will keep you posted on this. A list detailing some of the updates we are working on will be posted on the forums in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Any questions or concerns about the next content update should be pointed to our Head Developer, Milkman.


Wednesday September 24th - 2003 7:00PM CT (1:00AM GMT)

Do Not Update to 1.32!

Just a friendly warning to our esteemed player-base that BAR is still 1.31 even though 1.32 has been officially released. Please refrain from updating to 1.32 until BAR has announced it has done the same. If you do, you'll not be able to log in to BAR until BAR updates to 1.32.

Some may ask why it may take a bit to upgrade a server to a new patch, which is an understandable question. With every patch released, there are always new glitches, fixes, work-arounds that accompany the changes the official patches provide. On top of the expected glitches each new patch will create for regular servers, BAR is a complicated cornicopia of modified and custom scripts, 3rd party enhancements, persistant data and many, many other additions that take considerable testing and configuring before it can be sent live. Rest assured, the delay is always with the player-base in mind so that each new patch does as little damage to the persistance of this server and to the gameplay. Plus, our DEV department is just so detail orientated, it's scary.

If you've accidentally upgraded to 1.32, Bioware will place the revert patch here soon. (Bioware hasn't added the new patch to their downloads page as of yet.)


Friday September 12th - 2003 9:00PM CT (3:00PM GMT)

Bloodaxe Realms Is 1.31! I'm Serious!

First off, wow it's been a while since the news was updated. Secondly, it's pretty much all perfectly excusable due to it most likely being Crow's fault entirely. However, since I have no proof of that, I'll just count on you patient and understanding viewers to just take my word on it.

Lots of new things around BAR lately. To begin, the server has recently gone 1.31 and with it, a gazillion fixes, changes, improvements and additions have been added in what some critics claim as "A Really Big Update." From ATS fixes for Master Made weapons to new ATS skills such as Farming, to new maps and items, 1.31 is looking pretty fancy indeed. But worry not, as always, the Development team is hard at work on the next update to make BAR even better, as always.

As well as the 1.31 update, there is another new addition to BAR and thats an expanded DM crew. Six new DM's have been hired on to both cover time-slots once neglected and to also bring their extreme talents and imagination to our server's administration. All 6 come highly credited in so many ways that if I would list them here, I'd die of fatigue. These new DM's are:

• Gambrinus
• Dagda-Mor
• Snellopy
• Naphthalene
• Julge'Ka
• Elmdalf

So, log on to BAR and experience what Siskel and Rosco call "Maybe the greatest reason not to pay attention to you spouse, really". Take that spouses!


Saturday August 23rd - 2003 12:30PM CT (6:30PM GMT)

Bloodaxe Realms Down-Time Starting Monday

The BloodAxe Staff has been informed by Just-Gamers that they need to take down the BloodAxe Realms server to investigate and test what is malfunctioning with their DNS service.

We been told that sometime Monday morning they will be taking us down, and that we'll be down until they've repaired their issues or determine if for some reason it's our server causing their problems.

We've been told that we could be down as long as a week.

We haven't got the test/backup server completed yet, we are waiting on the delivery of more parts. Your donations have been MOST helpful in purchasing these new parts.

We apologize for the inconvience this creates but we haven't much choice at this point in time. As of right now we don't know if the Forums will be taken down with the server.

Sorry all... However this will give the Staff some time to hopefully finish testing the 1.31 patch and the changes the Devs have been making.

Thanks to all for understanding...

-The BloodAxe Staff

Wednesday July 30th - 2003 9:30AM CT (3:30PM GMT)

Bloodaxe Realms goes 1.3 SOU

Hail players of the BloodAxe Realms!

Some weekend it's turned out to be. The plan to patch to 1.30 looked great. All our issues and bugs looked to be fixed and working well. However, at the last moment, the persistant data transfer faltered. After many hours and many attempts at fixing the issue, we decided to make the move to SoU with Lord Raasta finally restoring the monetary balances from the bank accounts, but the vault chests, guild chests, last location saved, and your chosen Diety could not be restored. You can re-choose your diety at your local temple priest. Our apologies for a hectic weekend and to those of you that lost some items due to the conversion. Once you are inthe game you can add to and use you chests and accounts normally, just the old data wouldn't import, everything works fine going forward.

You MUST have SoU installed on your computer to connect and play in the realms from this day forward. Sorry for the surpise upgrade but it was in the best interests of the server.

Thank you all for your patience and good humor... You guys & gals are great!!!!


Tuesday July 8th - 2003 8:30PM CT (2:30AM GMT)

The BloodAxe Realms goes Live with Just-Gamers

Effective Wednesday morning 12:01AM CT, The BloodAxe Realms will live on Just-Gamers systems. We'd like to thank Just-Gamers for the sponsorship and our playerbase who helped make it happen.

As soon as the dust has settled from this crucial move, we will continue to test the 1.30 patch and hopefully be ready to patch to 1.30 within a weeks time. While on 1.29 only clients with 1.29 can connect. When we patch to 1.30 both NwN and SoU clients will be able to connect, although the new additions with SoU will not be available to the SoU clients connecting. We'll be making a decision soon when to upgrade to SoU. We'd like to hear back what the timeframes are for SoU's release in the regions that do not have it yet so that we may gauge a release date that works for all of our valued players.

It is important to note that none of these changes discussed will NOT require a a vault wipe, nor a forum wipe.

Thank you my fellow BloodAxe Staff members, Just-Gamers, and our playerbase! HAVE FUN!

-The Staff of the BloodAxe Realms