The BloodAxe Realms is a Persistant World Server for the game Neverwinter Nights. The server is based loosely on the Campain World of the Forgotten Realms. Though the areas and lands within are not officially charted anywhere on any maps, most of the staple items, creatures, and dieties follow this genre.

Before you awaits the lands known as the BloodAxe Realms. Shrouded in turmoil, forged in conflict and held together by hope, these lands hold many a story and forgotten tale. Time has flowed to the 2nd Age of this land, a time marked by the dominance and eventual downfall of the evil Nojas Keep. Ruled for hundreds of years by hybrid drow, these malignant creatures attempted to overrun the lands and force all the free peoples into slavery, and worse. Nojas and her armies were defeated only by the united efforts of many of the brave adventurers of the lands. Good, neutral, and evil joined together to attack the hybrid drow in their own stronghold, and destroyed the strange machine known as The Weaver with an ancient artefact called The Annulus. Once their machine was obliterated and their armies decimated and demoralised, the last dregs of the hybrids fled, leaving the Realms free to decide their own destiny once more. However, the destruction of The Weaver may have damaged the threads that form the very essence of all magic in the Realms. What impact this may have is still uncertain. All is known that turmoil is on the horizon and the once vocal gods have been unnaturally silent since the happenings in Nojas. In these seemingly free lands before you awaits the chance for hero or villain, saint or shadow, to shape the future of this land.

So come and try your hand at shaping the future of the lands known as the BloodAxe Realms. Be it to help or to conquer, that is your choice.

ArchMage of HimoDale