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Future of the Bloodaxe Realms

Sun Jul 31st 2005 02:58PM

In the Staff meeting, we have been discussing what we will do with Bloodaxe Realms 3rd age and the former Bloodaxe Realms 2nd age. I will also add the current Staff members.

We will stop the 3rd age, as it is too complicated to make all the necessary changes.
We are making changes to the former 2nd age module, also to the website bloodaxe.mhoc.net
We have decided to rename the module, when it will run on a new serverhost. The name will be changed to BloodAxe Realms Reborn (shortly BARR). As for now it will still run on my PC till we made the necessary changes.

The BARR Staff:

Arathyra Head DM / Dev / Forum admin.
Solari DM/ Web Developer
Taino DM / Dev / Windows Admin
Cameron Dev / Web Developer
Milkman Web Server Admin / Forum admin.
Laslo Linux Admin.

Forum in the Air

Wed Mar 23rd 2005 02:22AM

Well folks we got us a brand new forum. Milkman has been so nice to host the Bloodaxe Realm forum again and after adding some sections I think it's ready to be opened. Maybe we'll move around the sections a bit in the near future if that's gonna improve thing but for now, I'll say post away Smile

BAR and J-G part ways

Mon Mar 21st 2005 08:28PM

The moment has arrived that Just-Gamers and the Bloodaxe Realm NWN Server will part ways. The Gameserver uses so much CPU that it interferres with Just-Gamers regular business. Of course we are sad to say goodbye because we had a pleasant relationship with Just-Gamers and we would like to thank them for the opportunity they gave us. We've been through some highs and some lows and all the while Just-Gamers supported us. But as said now it's time to part ways.

We've modified the Testserver so it's now running as the main thing. We're working on getting all the data installed too and if that succeeds we can continue where we left of, if not we have to start over again, in that case we'll think of something to compensate you a bit.

The new server can be found under PWStory with Gamespy or direct connect to

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